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Isla Baits Boilies - Duncan Gilles

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A couple of pics of the mirror from yesterday morning,caught on the signature boilie fished in a solid PVA bag with 2mm pellets and about 30 free offing boilies scattered around the margin where the fish was hooked.


Isla baits signature boilies


A superb boilie, very well made with first class ingredients, the inclusion of the fresh salmon and mackerel in the boilies give them a district  and exclusive smell and texture, the inclusion of the seed in the boilies is a great addition to the boilie as well.

These are a perfect boilie for either single bait fishing or for fishing a large bed of them, the ingredients in them make them perfect for crushing down to either a coarse or fine mix for either solid PVA bag fishing or PVA stocking fishing, the natural oils released by this process makes them irresistible to fish and they are truly starting to speak for themselves by regularly putting fish on the bank.


I am proud to be able to use such a high quality and well made bait and would recommend its use to anyone looking for a new bait.