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Another 3 hour session - Isla Baits blog

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The other night I managed to squeeze in a very short 3 hour session on the day ticket gravel pit due to fish at the syndicate still spawning.

I turned up and scanned the water, also asking a few anglers nearby if they'd had anything. Surprisingly they hadn't had anything other than a few bream all day! Not long after I heard a splash and see large ripples coming out of an overhanging tree in a swim away from all of the commotion, so I quickly got the gear sorted and flicked a signature bottom bait tipped with fluorescent pink corn and a bag of signature chops and pellet as far under the tree as possible and managed to get it about 2 foot off of the bank.

An hour later I had a stuttering drop back take as the fish had no where to run other than back towards me.

I wound down for what seemed like forever until I made contact with an angry fish that started taking line and kiting out towards the middle of the lake. It put up a good scrap but I netted the fish safely and it weighed in at 14 lb. Not bad for a very short evening session!
fish netted safely and it weighed in at 14 lb. Not bad for a very short evening session!
I did later get a few fish feeding on top with mixers but the tufties soon put an end to that!

I find due to me only managing short sessions, a well presented small pile of quality bait in the right areas is essential, being mobile with roaming rods on busy day ticket waters is enough to tempt quick bites.

All the best,