Why Isla

Why Isla?

Isla Baits is an Organic bait company on the Isle of Arran off the Scottish west coast, and we pride ourselves on being the only bait company which uses natural organic products in all its baits.
We at Isla will not use any chemically enhanced flavours or additives, if we say our bait is bloodworm it is harvest from the farm and pulverised reel bloodworm! If we say it’s a fish base mix its real pulverised Salmon and Mackerel! also harvested from the Island.


We are an organic bait company that do not preach fish care and then load our bait with harmful additives like the rest in order to gain your approval on smell or colour.


The Isla range is the stand alone Bait company which increases its costs to give you a bait which is environmentally friendly and most importantly beneficial to the species we love.