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Hall Farm - October 2014

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Having planned to fish a new lake with the new Signature bait range this morning we arrived at Marsh View lakes to find that an Open match had taken away the chance to fish so we headed to a known lake, Hall Farm fisheries in Burgh Castle.




Upon arrival at the lake we had a walk around and decided to set up on the back of the brisk NE facing wind. The lake was well rippled and the banks were quiet so I knew we would have a good chance to draw the fish in with a nice scatter of bait.

Before we got our lines in I crushed up about half a kilo of boilies and decided to fish a 15mm bottom bait on the left hand rod, fished on a standard KD rig to open water with a PVA stick of crushed boilies and one of my own rolled Cork ball pop-ups on the right hand rod fished on a 2inch Chod rig, along the margin in around 3ft of clear water. Joseph had his rods set up in a very similar fashion but we had decided to try out both on a Multi Rig, having recently read how it was a bit of a go anywhere rig we thought it would be a nice time to try it out. We tied the rig up using Suffix Camfusion coated braid. He went with an 18mm Signature boilie to the open water with a 6 bait stringer and his margin rig was topped with a critically balanced 15mm Signature topped with an imitation Maize kernel.

Within half an hour

Within half an hour of getting the rods in I was rewarded with a pleasant fizz around my right hand rod and was expecting the day to be plagued with Bream but it turned out to be a rather slow and steady take and I picked up the rod and found myself connected to a nice 8lb 3oz Common while my fishing partner and chief photographer, 6yr old Joseph (My eldest son) struck his doubled round rod to be rewarded with a new PB 8lb Mirror which fell to the 15mm Signature boilie tipped with plastic maize, fished on the Suffix Camfusion multi rig with an inch stripped back and pinned down at the break with putty.

We got the rods back out and over the next hour we had another Common which pushed the scales to a nice round 10lb and then my roaring alarm turned out to be a very chunky bellied Common weighing in at 16lb 4oz and proving to be the biggest of the day.

While Sandy, the bailiff and lake owner, was doing her afternoon check-in my margin rod tore off and managed to wipe out my open water line as the reel screamed away. I lifted into the fish and felt a massive pull on the other end which when I got her top the surface made perfect sense as Sandy told me she recognised the fish as the lakes biggest resident who last came out at 25lb+. As I reached for the net (Joe being sat in the bivvy trying to keep warm) I made the mistake of leaving the line go slack and the Big girl showed her guile by slipping the hook hold and plunging away to the depths for another time.

During the rest of the day we had 2 more fish, the first being a long lean 9lb Common which fell to the open water rod and capped off with a nice 12lb common which came a little too late for the camera as we were packing away.


All in all the day had proved to be a good one as the only other person to catch was our direct neighbour and he was fishing just on the edge of where I had fed at the beginning of the session and I feel he was only on the fish for this reason.

I would say that this has to go down as a success for the new bait and fills me with confidence that the bait works and there are great things to come.


Gareth and Joseph Stevens - East Anglia/Midlands - Sunday 26/10/2014

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