Alan Johnstone

Alan Johnstone angler uk

Alan Johnstone has been fishing since he was a youngster, initially hooked on sea fishing for many years before taking up coarse fishing. This initially started with Pike and the fact that it proved difficult initially to even get a run, determination set in and that probably was the catalyst for expanding my horizons ever since.

Since then Carp, Barbel , Pike and Grayling have been the main areas of concentration in recent  years, with the odd sea fishing trip in between. Alan joined the newly formed Scottish Carp Group just after its first year in 1988 and has been on the committee pretty much ever since. At this time  Alan is the Secretary/Treasurer.
Alan and the committee have seen many changes over the years but feel that the Scottish Carp Group have greatly enhanced Carp fishing in Scotland and  all their waters are currently providing good catches with further opportunities currently being investigated..


Over the years  Alan has fished abroad extensively having Big Game fished in Mexico, Kenya, Portugal, Florida etc  for Marlin, Tuna, Shark  with Skate and Tope fishing high on the agenda from his own boat in Scotland. Alan has also fished extensively for Carp in  Holland and Morocco  but especially in France  where he is a regular visitor to the various waters.


Alan has also fished for Carp regularly in Scotland where Lanark Loch has been his favourite SCG water over the years and he is also a member of Monks Pit in Cambridgeshire as well as Willows Lake.  Notable catches are a 38/37.00 brace of carp from Withy Pool,  Various 30’s from Monks Pit, Pike – 36.00 from a river,  Barbel to 12.00, Grayling – 3.02.  The 1st UK 40 is awaiting
In relation to the barbel fishing, Alan tends to use boilies these days and  as such will be using the Isla ones on the river.