Ian Bowen


Age: 47

Fishing: 40 years Carping: 10 years

Started sea fishing as a lad, but due to the decline of shore fishing and boat fishing in south wales, moved me on to targeting local venues for the specimen creatures of pike and carp. The last ten years my concentration has been fully on carp fishing and chasing carp all over south west.


PB: 51lb 06oz

Favourite venue home: Acorn Fisheries Bristol.

Favourite foreign venue: Genets France.

Best thing about carp fishing: Chilling on the bank, waiting with the traps set, with a nice brew, Watching a biggie swim away from the sling!

Pet Hates: Incompetent anglers. Who don’t take fish care seriously.

Favourite rigs/methods: Standard hair rig. Clean and simple. Just a braid, coated material, but always topped with bright topper, normally, good old faithful popup corn. Small PVA bags with a few chops. Always fish for a bite, not to feed the fish!