Dan T


I'm Daniel and Ive been carp fishing now for about 6-7 years and prior to this fished rivers and canals growing up with my granddad. Passion for fishing got stronger and soon led me to fishing for carp which I got an amazing buzz from, and over the years of carping have learnt so much from other anglers and have also enjoyed teaching other anglers and enjoying this sport together as a community.

My fishing consists of mainly boilie fishing my favourite rig is bottom bait tipped with a piece of floating corn or a multi rig and fish it over a bed of boilies, I pre bait a spot as well and get the fish used to feeding on a spot confidently and get them relating to the bait as a good food source. I fish for carp lakes I fish are cotton farm priors carp syndicate and a private syndicate near me there the lakes Im currently fishing.
Common pb 29.6 linear 25.4 mirror 26.7 started fishing small day ticket lakes now moved on to syndicates and next year as the weather warms up will be fishing some of the London docks where I grew up catching uncaught carp.