Alan Johnstone

Alan Johnstone angler uk

Alan Johnstone has been fishing since he was a youngster, initially hooked on sea fishing for many years before taking up coarse fishing. This initially started with Pike and the fact that it proved difficult initially to even get a run, determination set in and that probably was the catalyst for expanding my horizons ever since.

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Ryan Hooley

ryan hooley

Hello fellow anglers my name is Ryan Hooley I'm 26 years old from Swinton Manchester favourite rig is a zig rig. I am obsessed with carp fishing whether it's small carp or big carp every one is welcome.

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Brad Walker


I'm Brad, I'm 23 and I began my fishing at around the age of 11, fishing a large gravel pit for perch on the float. I was asked by a friend if I wanted to go to a lake in essex near to me. Unbeknown to me back then it was a match lake with a head of carp to around 10lb. I cast my float out like i always did and was catching the silvers on maggots, until on one occasion my float sailed away and as I struck, my small float rod hooped round and my clutch was sent spiralling! I landed a small common of about 6lb and from then on all I could think about was carp!

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Mitchell Quinn - Isla Baits UK Angler

Hi my name is Mitchell Quinn, I started off course fishing as a kid but lost touch with fishing  for a few years...

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Andrew Barnard

Andy is an experienced angler who uses his knowledge of watercraft and techniques to bank some beautiful carp, either fishing pressured day ticket lakes or some of his hard syndicate venues.

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Ian Bowen


Age: 47

Fishing: 40 years Carping: 10 years

Started sea fishing as a lad, but due to the decline of shore fishing and boat fishing in south wales, moved me on to targeting local venues for the specimen creatures of pike and carp. The last ten years my concentration has been fully on carp fishing and chasing carp all over south west.

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Dan T


I'm Daniel and Ive been carp fishing now for about 6-7 years and prior to this fished rivers and canals growing up with my granddad. Passion for fishing got stronger and soon led me to fishing for carp which I got an amazing buzz from, and over the years of carping have learnt so much from other anglers and have also enjoyed teaching other anglers and enjoying this sport together as a community.

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Kevin Harris

kev 26-WEB

Age: 32
Fishing: 24 years Carping: 20 years

PB: 27lb 10oz

Favourite venue home: Cefyn Mabley. South Wales

Favourite foreign venue: Genets France.

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Ryan Hamer

ryan hamer

Hi I am Ryan Hamer I am 22 years old, I am from Monton in Greater Manchester. I started fishing when I was around 5 years old fishing my local canal and fishing matches on a local pool in the heart of Salford.

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Brett Wray

brett wray

Hello my name is Brett Wray I'm 27 years old from Swinton in Greater Manchester. Fishing is a big part of my life, some would argue it IS my life!

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Chris Jackson

chris jackson - Isla baits UK Angler

Chris is a typical fisherman with a job and a busy family life. Chris tries to get on the bank as much as possible, so maximising his chances is vital to his success. By using his water craft skills he is able to increase his chances of having fish on the bank, by studying their movements and feeding areas.

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alfie bratton

Hi my name is Alfie Bratton, I’m from Maidstone and I've been fishing for over half my life.

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Gareth Stevens


I'm 33yrs old, live just outside Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.
I've been fishing since I was 8yrs old after my Uncle took my cousin and I fishing at an old quarry pool where my first carp weighed in at a hefty 18lb.

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Father & Son team - Mike & Joe Delves


Mike and Joe started fishing in 2008 at local Lancashire commercial fisheries such and Blundell’s, Partridge Lakes and Moss Side Farm. As they grew in experience as did the venues they frequent with this year seeing them fresh being back from a summer campaign at Sale Water Park. Their recent UK PB’s were caught at Blundell’s Fishery in Bolton which featured in the Angling Mail and Sky TV on Tight lines using ISLA Signature baits.

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Duncan Gilles

facebook -2099561408

Hi all, Duncan here, been carp angling for about 15 years since making the switch from match fishing.
I’m happy to fish any style of carp fishing but have to say solid PVA bags or PVA mesh fishing is my number one favourite, since becoming a field tester and consultant for Isla baits my catch rate has jumped on a vast experience range of waters.